@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 20

1. Core Content: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

- emdocs covers the Pearls & Pitfalls for diagnosis and management of Tubo-Ovarian Abscess.

- EM Lyceum has a nice review of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

2. Sound Rounds

- The #FOAMed version of Sound Rounds?  Ultrasound of the Week, tidbits of wonderful case-based US learning.

3. Tox Experts: The Urine Drug Screen

-Peeing into the Wind?  ALiEM covers Urine Drug Screens: Post 1 (Benzodiazepines) and Post 2 (opiates)

- ALiEM also has this PV card to help you review agents that can cause false positive urine drug tests.

4. Palliative Care in the Emergency Department

- Hippocratic Medicine Series covered the importance of Palliative Care in the ED.

- We recommend reading this review article on Emergency medicine and palliative care by our alumnus, Derrick Lowery.

- This article discusses the role of cognitive bias and behavioral economics in patient decisions regarding medical information, including goals of care.  It's a fascinating read.

- EMcrit actually talked about the importance of end-of-life conversations in the ED way back when with Podcast #25.  [One caveat, palliative care and comfort care seem to be interchanged in this podcast, but they are NOT the same thing].

5. Traumatic Arrest

- Review the 2015 East Guidelines for Emergency Department Thoracotomy here.

- Rebel EM covers All things thoracotomy, including the role of FAST exam in predicting survivors.

- The late John Hinds discussed his approach to management of traumatic arrest on EMcrit.  This one is a classic.

- If you never have watched John Hind's SMACC talk Crack the Chest, Get Crucified, do so now.

- What do you really need for an ED thoracotomy?  Scott Weingart talks about the essentials in the Abbreviated ED Thoracotomy tray.

- Emergency Medicine Ireland covers Learning Points from a first time ED Thoracotomy (videos included).


Maia (@maiadorsett)