FOAM Supplement 8/14/2017

EM Foundations: EKGs

CPC - I can't breathe

Pediatric Case

Pediatric Sickle Cell

  • We see only the tip of the iceberg among sickle cell patients. It's important to remember that the factors that lead to some patients being "non-compliant", "fired from clinic" or labeled as drug seeking are the same factors that make this small portion of patients more likely to present to the emergency department. EM:RAP's Jess Mason recorded a great piece a few months about an adult man with sickle cell disease that really drives home the point that shouldn't have to be made: patients with sickle cell disease have a severe life-limiting disease that involves pain beyond what most people can imagine. 

Alcoholic Ambushes

Suicidality in EMS Providers

  • Mental health is finally getting some traction in our field. If you're feeling depressed or having thoughts of suicide please reach out before it's too late. Talk to a trusted colleague, PD, or Chair. If you're a friend to a physician colleague who seems to be struggling, say something. You don't have to be on shift to save a life.