@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed supplement No. 34

Palliative Care

This brief talk by Ashley Shreves, entitled "Diagnosing Dying" showcased on the intensive care network is an excellent resource for an emergency physician.


testicular torsion

emdocs covers the Pearls & Pitfalls of Testicular torsion in this post.

If you prefer a more bulleted format, Core EM covers the diagnosis & management of testicular torsion as well.

Sonoguide covers the basics of bedside testicular ultrasound.


Peds Interesting Case:   Hair Grooming Syncope

Believe it or not, the FOAMed world has tackled this one.  See this peds em morsels post on hair grooming syncope.

For an approach to cardiac syncope, our own blog has this post on the can't miss EKG findings in a young patient with syncope.



Where to start?  The crew at Boring/CanadiEM made this great infographic on the Top 5 updates to the AHA guidelines.

Rebel EM discusses the how-to of double sequential defibrillation for refractory Vfib arrest.

EMS world covers the history of heads-up CPR.

This post on Dr. Smith's ECG blog (entitled "A perfect resuscitation saves a patient") sounds like it may have been plucked from DK's dreams (although it does not include TEE).


Age Adjusted d-dimer

EM Cases covers Age Adjusted d-dimer in the Journal Jam podcast.

Age adjusted d-dimer was covered by Brian Cohn in our own Washington University Emergency Medicine journal club & podcast.


Ultrasound:  Right Upper Quadrant

The ultrasound podcast covers gallbladder ultrasound.

Check out this interesting case from Ultrasound Case of the Week.



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