@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 33


1. 4th year grand rounds: intubating the asthmatic

- EM Lyceum discusses adjuncts to the management of asthma in this post.

- The EMCrit Dominating the Vent series has this fantastic review.  Listen, watch and take notes (and then scan your notes into your phone for quick reference).

- Since great minds think alike, the topic of the Core EM podcast this week is none other than Ventilating the Intubated asthmatic.


2.  Abscesses

- The Mayo EM blog argues that we should not be packing abscesses.

- EM Lyceum covered the literature on abscess packing and the loop drainage technique in this post.


3. Surgical airway

there are a plethra of #FOAMed resources on surgical airway.   Consider watching this Vodcast by Rich Levitan on the decision to perform & how to perform a cricothyroidotomy.


4. Cognitive Errors & Stress Innoculation

This week em mindset covers cognitive load theory.  A useful read for any EM physician.

EMCrit covered David Grossman's On Combat in the EMCrit Bookclub episode.

Listen to what Mike Lauria has to say about stress innoculation.


5.  The Foot

Detecting the fractures: Radiopedia reviews an approach to radiology of the foot, with links to more extensive discussions of important fracture patterns.

Northwestern's Orthopedic teaching site also has this case-based review of foot cases.

Nerve blocks to help reduce them:

Ultrasound podcast covers the Tibial Nerve Block and Sciatic and Ankle Blocks.


Enjoy & please comment if you have additional resources to share,