@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 31

1. Core Content - Endocrine

- emdocs comes through again, with an excellent summary of the ED management of adrenal crisis.

- A case-based study of adrenal crisis in a patient initially presenting with an acute abdomen, from PonderingEM.

- Check out this extremely thorough PDF from Life in the Fast Lane, all about Cushing Syndrome.

- From First10EM, an excellent primer on ED management of life-threatening hyperkalemia. (And don't miss the FOAMed Tour de Hyperkalemia at the bottom of the post!)

- It's more than just peaked T's, you know. Let the smart minds at R.E.B.E.L. EM set you straight on EKG changes seen in hyperkalemia.

- Hyperkalemia gets all the attention, but critically low potassium can be life-threatening as well. Let the folks at LITFL walk you through a case.

- And finally, from EM Cases, a discussion of the ED management of the myriad causes of hyponatremia.


2. Knowledge Translation

- Don't be that guy -- keep up with the evidence and use it to better your practice. Resources such as TheNNT, the TRIP database, and the Cochrane Collaboration are all invaluable resources. And don't forget FOAMsearch, your search engine for everything FOAMy out there.

- For more background, check out these two entries from the Skeptics' Guide. The first covers the history of evidence-based medicine in EM, and the second explores the role of FOAMed in knowledge translation.

- From EM Cases, a discussion with several FOAMed pioneers and predominant figures on how to integrate social media and FOAMed into the lifelong learning required of an emergency physician.

- From CanadiEM, two excellent examples of well-designed and composed infographics highlighting how we can translate clinical research knowledge into pearls applicable at the bedside. The first covers new CPR guidelines, and the second discusses some changing first aid paradigms beyond cardiac arrest.


3. QI

- Pediatric EM Morsels posted a summary of baclofen pumps, and most of it is applicable to adults, too.

- Take advantage of your EM:RAP access as EMRA members to check out this LIN session on intrathecal pumps, with a special section about baclofen withdrawal. (If you are having problems setting up your EMRA membership and EM:RAP access, contact your friendly neighborhood Social Media Committee member!)

- Two great links from R.E.B.E.L. EM regarding MTP use in trauma -- the first a holistic overview of the Ten Commandments of Trauma Resuscitation, and the second a very helpful summary of the PROPPR trial.

- Not to be outdone, emdocs also features two excellent posts covering hemodynamic management in the exsanguinating trauma patient, one about MTP and the other a "FOAMed Roadmap to Permissive Hypotension."


4. Radiology & MSK Injuries of the Hand

- From emdocs, don't miss these subtle but high-risk hand pathologies.

- If you missed it the first time, now's your chance to get an orthopod's perspective on tendinous hand injuries, from right here at EverydayEBM.

- Check out these two posts from LITFL covering various traumatic hand injuries.

- And finally, from our favorite orthopedic resource here at EverydayEBM, a plethora of ortho hand cases from our friends at Northwestern.


Never stop learning,

C. Sam Smith