@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed No. 28

1. ENT Core Content [CSS].

There are lots of great resources out there to review PTA presentation & drainage:

- HQMedEd has this review of the procedure

- EMRes podcast on PTA drainage.

- Review/practical guidelines on "quinsy" management from the ENT FOAMed page.

-"Owning the PTA" from EMCurious Procedures Club


2. Imaging in Blunt Trauma

Head Imaging

- REBEL EM has this nice review and discussion on management of anti-coagulated patients with minor head trauma. [MD]

- emdocs reviews the literature and recommendations regarding management of the head injury patient on anticoagulants. [CSS]

- SGEM reviews the Canadian & New Orleans head CT rules. [CSS]


C-spine Imaging

- Clear the C-collar? Patient with midline neck tenderness but no neurologic deficits?  This study in the Journal of Neurosurgery suggests that you take it off. [MD]

- EMNerd discusses the problems of automatic MRI in CT negative C-spine injury patients. [CSS]


Chest & Abdominal Imaging

- A review of NEXUS chest imaging/validation from ALiEM. [CSS]


A Foray into Peds [CSS]:

- From Everyday E(B)M, Michael Galante reviews a clinical decision rule for imaging in Peds Blunt Trauma.

- Peds EM Morsels discusses clinical decision instruments for evaluation of low risk abdominal trauma.

- The SGEM reviews a recent paper comparing clinical gestalt with clinical decision instruments in Peds trauma.  You can link to the critical appraisal written by our own Dr. Cullison here.


3.  Interesting Cases

Diagnosis of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

- From Everyday E(B)M, Kevin Baumgartner reviews the evidence behind the "6 hr LP rule". [MD]

- Need help navigating the differential diagnosis of diplopia?  Read the review, "Deciphering Diplopia"  from The American Academy of Ophthalmology. [MD]

- Review of Terson's Syndrome from the American Academy of Ophthamology. [CSS]

- Broomedocs discusses Shared Decision Making in the ED. [CSS]


Difficult Airways:  Approach to Fiberoptic Intubation [CSS]

- ALiEM has a PV Card for Angioedema.

- emdocs has this "Awake Intubation Rundown".


4.  The New Opium War[CSS]

- Scott Weingart interviews Sergey Motov on the Opiod-Free ED.

- Read this St. Emlyn's discussion on the difference between "pain" and "suffering"

- Go ahead an watch this TED talk on the "Mysteries of Chronic Pain."

- Emergency Medicine Cases discusses two cases of Opiate Misuse and Addiction in the ED: Case 1 and Case 2.



C. Sam Smith

Maia Dorsett