@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 27

1. ENT Core Content

FOAMcast has a number of episodes covering topics in ENT. 

     - Episode 41: Vertigo

     - Episode 38: The Nose

    - Episode 3: Ear Emergencies

Core EM covers presentation, diagnosis and management of epiglottitis

For more about epistaxis, EM Lyceum has this nice discussion and don't forget to review our own journal club podcast on prophylactic antibiotics for nasal packing.

REBEL EM has this summary of use of Topical TXA for Epistaxis or Oral Bleeds


2. Diagnosis of DVT on Ultrasound

- Check out the ALiEM PV card on Focused Ultrasound for DVT.

- EMCurious Ultrasound Leadership Academy covers POCUS for DVT.

-If you prefer videos,  Emergency Ultrasound Teaching has this tutorial.


3. Education:  Teaching Procedural Skills

- Life in the Fast Lane has this discussion of the "SETT UP" method for teaching practical skills

- This review from the Teaching Course discusses a similar method for procedure education, with a greater focus on the importance of "pre-teaching" microskills.


4. Radiology of the Wrist and Forearm

- Start with a One Minute Medical School review of wrist anatomy.

 - Radiopedia has this review of diagnosis of scapholunate dislocation and lunate dislocation on plain radiographs.

- test yourself on the wrist cases at the Northwestern site for Orthopedic teaching.


5. Exsanguinating Extremity Hemorrhage

- Here is a video starring our own Dr. David Tan demonstrating correct tourniquet placement.

- Learn a little bit more about aortic compression devices and junctional tourniquets for areas not amenable to traditional tourniquet placement (in the hospital?  Consider the REBOA)



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