@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 29

1. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

- emDocs has an excellent summary of SJS & TEN in the pediatric population.

- From the Northwestern EM blog, a case-based study of SJS & TEN in an adult.

- The HIPPO crew made this podcast of boards-review derm topics freely available -- take advantage!


2. Pediatric Orthopedic Emergencies

Upper Extremity:

- From Don't Forget The Bubbles, tips & tricks for diagnosing elbow injuries.

- All you ever wanted to know about supracondylar fractures from LITFL.

- Wrist and distal forearm injuries in peds and adults, from emdocs.

Lower Extremity:

- Once again Don't Forget the Bubbles brings it, this time covering ankle injuries.

- Peds EM Morsels breaks down Osgood-Schlatters Disease.

- Finally, check out this series of nine cases of pediatric orthopedic injuries from the Northwestern Orthopedic Teaching site.


3. pediatric interesting case conference: AMatoxin

- St. Emlyn's with the skinny on Amanita mushroom poisoning.

- An excellent discussion of various types of mushroom poisoning -- there's more than just amatoxin! -- from the magnificently-named EM Cephalgia.

- Not quite FOAMEd, but an interesting read nonetheless: A long-form journalism piece from Slate about death-cap mushroom poisoning.


4. Education Lecture: "Down The Tubes"

- Don't Forget The Bubbles gives us all we'll ever need to know about gastrostomy tubes in our pediatric patients, in a three-part series.

- Because "pull-start it like a lawnmower" isn't a viable option: Life In The Fast Lane jumps in with a case-based review of strategies for getting out that stuck Foley.


5. FOllow-Up Conference: Blood Cultures

- Our own Drs. Oberle & Dorsett tackled the lack of evidence to support routine blood cultures in cellulitis and pyelonephritis as part of our Hippocratic Medicine series.

- The smart dudes at Academic Life in EM also looked at the evidence (or lack thereof) in support of blood cultures for cellulitis and pneumonia.

- The JAMA Rational Clinical Exam Series is unfortunately *not* FOAMed, but luckily the Little White Coats provided us with a PV card summarizing the salient points of the installment "Does this adult patient need blood cultures?"


6. EMS Scholar Track: Fire

- Case study from LITFL highlighting the toxicologic dangers of smoke inhalation.

- Scott Weingart with an EMCrit piece highlighting the management of the combined carbon monoxide and cyanide toxicity that can occur in exposure to structural fires.


Never stop learning,

C. Sam Smith, PGY-4