@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 25

1. Core Content: MSK

- Life in the Fast Lane has this review of rhabdomyolysis.

- Life in the Fast Lane also covers the management of acute paronychia here.  You Tube is always a good source of accompanying procedural videos.

- This is a link to the EM in 5 video on flexor tenosynovitis.


2. Pearls as a new attending

For philosophical & practical advice on survival & success in EM, check out :

ALiEM How I work Smarter series

ALiEM How I Stay Healthy series

emdocs EM Mindset series


3. Safety at a Motor Vehicle Site

- Review the patterns of injuries caused by airbags themselves.

- Review the P.E.N.M.A.N. acronym for scene safety as a first responder.


4. Trauma Case Conference - Hollow Viscous Injuries & Peds Abdominal Trauma

- see this article on the epidemiology of hollow viscous injuries following blunt trauma.

- See this retrospective study on the association between severity of splenic injury and concomitant hollow viscous injury.

- See this Peds EM Morsels post to help you decide which pediatric patients are low risk for intrabdominal injury or this post from PEM Cincinnati outlining an evidence-based algorithm for the evaluation of pediatric trauma patients.


Maia (@maiadorsett)