@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No. 22

Interesting Cases - Renal Cortical Abscess [AR]

- Life in the Fast Lane has this resource as a quick differential for abdominal pain by location.

- Don’t forget the bubbles has a three-part series on abdominal pain in the ED.

- Need to brush up on Renal Ultrasound?  Check out the tutorial from Sonoguide.


DKA & Altered Mental Status [AR]

- Lo and behold from Everyday EBM’s archives a resource from Dr. Jamgaard about the evidence behind the insulin bolus in DKA

- emdocs covers the general approach to DKA management

- Life in the Fast Lane has this EBM review of DKA management

- EM: RAP  covers cerebral edema in DKA


Inborn Errors of Metabolism [AR]

Work through this case at Life in the Fast Lane.

emdocs provides an excellent summary of inborn errors of metabolism.


Medicine & Media [CSS]

Open-access(!) paper from the BMJ mentioned by Dr. Andino during his lecture which discusses the evidence basis (or lack therof) of claims made by MDs on medical talk shows. Also includes a podcast about the article and its implications.

Another open-access paper from the BMJ which examined the high rate of exaggeration in claims made my medical press releases (a major source of lay media medical stories, according to Dr. Andino).

The blog EdintheED featured an excellent series called "What Do You Say?" curating expert commentary on communication difficulties in the ED. Topics include shared decision-making for low risk chest pain, tPA, suspected opiate abuse, and palliative care.


If I Only Had a HEART [CSS]:

The R.E.B.E.L.EM Bloghas this breakdown of the derivation & validation of the HEART score.

Check out this follow-up post from R.E.B.E.L.EM discussing the HEART Pathway for chest pain, cited by Drs. Creel-Bulos and Cosgrove in their talk.

David Newman at SMART EM has tackled both low-risk chest pain, and the problems with stress testing in general.

Our own Wash U Journal Club discussed the diagnostic performance of several clinical decision instruments for low risk chest pain:

The godfather of ED Cardiology, Amal Mattu, discussing with the EM:RAP folks the low-risk chest pain accelerated diagnostic pathway that he supports, and why admitting patients with low-risk chest pain is not without risk.

Rick Body, who has made a career researching ACS diagnosis in the ED, discusses the latest and greatest on chest pain risk stratification at the SMACC Gold conference:


EMS Scholar Track: Urban Search & Rescue [CSS]

First-hand account from Dr. Kevin Kitka, one of two EP's on duty at St. John's Medical Center in Joplin, MO on May 22, 2011, when an EF-5 tornado struck the facility:

University of Cincinnati EM recently had a didactic day focusing on disaster medicine. Here are a few pearls.

The FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL hosts a plethora of training courses for disaster response capabilities, for providers of all levels. These courses are free of charge, and they even cover travel and lodging! Check out the course offerings here.


Never Stop Learning,

C. Sam Smith, PGY-4

Adam Rieves, PGY-1